Workplace Wellness Programs

At The Beatt we believe that holistic wellness is something that should be part of our everyday work-life culture, as well as being engaging, rewarding and fun.

The aim of The Beatt’s Workplace Wellness offering is to design unique programs that meet the needs of our client’s businesses, and their staff. Staff wellbeing has a direct impact on the health, longevity and success of an organisation. As well as increasing work performance and team morale, a comprehensive Workplace Wellness Program allows your staff to flourish in all aspects of their life.

The Beatt’s tailored Workplace Wellness Programs incorporate some or all of the following services for your teams. And depending on your requirements, we come to you or you can utilise one or more of our wellness spaces at The Beatt.

Group Classes

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Personal training
  • Meditation

Individual or Group Wellness Coaching

  • Provided by wellness experts and leading practitioners

Wellness Workshops

  • Stress Reduction
  • Sleep and Rest
  • Gut Health
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Diet
  • Mindfulness…and more

Massage and Reflexology

  • A range of options available delivered by experienced practitioners

Nutritional Guidance

  • Assessments and advice including general diet, positive eating habits and detox programs

Delicious Wholefoods Catering

  • Breakfast, lunch or snacks

Urban Retreats at The Beatt

  • Providing groups of staff a day out to learn, rejuvenate and restore
  • Perfect for a team building day!

The Beatt Boardroom

  • A beautiful space to use for offsite meetings or workshops
  • Your time here can also include yoga, meditation, pilates, wellness talks and our delicious healthy catering

Professional Development

  • We assist in creating clear guidelines for seeking and assessing PD opportunities

Ongoing Consultation and Support

  • Providing the best possible long-term staff wellness solutions for your business

More Information?

Contact us for more information and to discuss the specific needs of your business and your teams. We love finding solutions to improved health and wellbeing!