Abdominal massage is still relatively lesser known in comparison to other massage practices here in Australia. For those who are new to the practice, it’s a restorative and healing process that has revealed numerous wonderful benefits for individuals and celebrates a holistic approach to wellbeing. Here at The Beatt Jac Entwisle is our practitioner who specialises in Arvigo® Abdominal Therapies (ATMAT) for men and women, as well as Integrated Bowen Therapy, Kalari-chikilsa Indian Massage Therapies and Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching.

What is abdominal massage?

Abdominal massage is an external practice that aims to shift internal organs that have moved and are restricting blood flow, nerves, lymphs or the body’s chi. It’s used to release physical, mental and spiritual tension and open up energy pathways and the flow of chi within the body.

What are the benefits?

Abdominal massage can be used to support organ function, improve circulatory and nervous systems and achieve a sense of greater wellbeing overall. It’s also especially beneficial to those suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other disorders such as indigestion. In these areas, abdominal massage helps to release tension, loosen muscles and support blood flow, which helps to decrease the symptoms experienced as part of these common disorders.

For women, abdominal massage can also be used to correct a prolapsed or tilted uterus which is common among women (although many women are not aware of it) and contributes to a sense of unbalance as it can restrict blood and lymph flow and nerve connections. The uterus can be repositioned through abdominal massage in order to improve not only fertility, but general health and wellbeing. For men, abdominal massage helps to support blood flow to the prostate and pelvic areas and can help to prevent a number of disorders.

Our practitioner, Jac, has recently returned from 13 years travelling the world while practising body, mind and spiritual therapies, absorbing and passing on the knowledge and wisdom of ancient Maya Abdominal Massage.

Book your session with Jac today and discover the healing and restorative benefits of abdominal massage and integrative body therapies today. If you’re not sure if abdominal massage is right for you, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 03 9822 1944 and find out more. We’d love to chat through any questions you may have.