Today the number one health risk for Australians is a poor diet. A diet high in sugar and full of processed foods will not only cause you to put on weight, but will negatively impact your mood, energy, sleep and overall sense of wellbeing, contributing to a higher risk of illness and health problems both short and long-term.

It seems incredible that a poor diet, which is something we can all improve for ourselves, is the number one health risk for Australians. Sugar is addictive and it wreaks havoc on our body and mind. Damon Gameau, director of The Sugar Film, author of That Sugar Book and That Sugar Guide and founder of the That Sugar App, decided to experiment with the effects of a high sugar diet on the human body. In That Sugar Film, rather than eat food that’s known to be high in sugar, such as chocolate bars, Damon instead ate only foods commonly thought to be ‘healthy’ such as low fat yoghurt and cereals. What he found was that those foods were packed full of hidden sugars and it took its toll on his health in a very short period of time.

We’re thrilled to have Damon joining us at The Beatt on Tuesday 15 November, from 7.30pm to 9.00pm. He’s a wonderful presenter and will be sharing his extensive knowledge and experience, talking us through the real impact of sugar on our lives and offering life-changing tips on how to reduce the amount of unnecessary added sugar in our diet.

It’s been proven that a diet rich in nutrients is the best way to help our body and mind perform best. Damon’s approach teaches us that it’s important to embrace the natural sugars found in fruit and vegetables, while reducing the unnecessary added sugar found in other foods. He’s now taken the movement even further with a website that provides health recipes and tips, an activation program for schools, an app to help you monitor your daily sugar intake, all with the goal of helping people make healthier choices and creating a healthier Australia.

If you haven’t yet seen The Sugar Film, make it a must this week. It might just change the way you eat and shop. Don’t miss out on hearing from Damon for yourself. Seats are limited so book your spot for the event online here.