Nicky Davidson

Yoga Teacher

Curiosity and a passion for energetic practices drew Nicky to Tai Chi many years ago. From there, she progressed to Somatic Tai Chi which teaches that grace and energetic intelligence are natural qualities one can discover.

In quick time, whilst also running a vegetarian cooking school and publishing her own cookbook, Nicky became a Somatic Tai Chi Assistant before then qualifying as a SomaChi Yoga Teacher. SomaChi Yoga is a creative style of Vinyasa which is a strong, fluid, graceful practice. A devotion to yoga and a daily meditation practice resulted in a career change that saw Nicky end her cooking work to pursue a future as a full-time yoga teacher.

Nicky’s in-depth and broad experience allows her to offer yoga to participants of all ages and at varied levels of movement. She invites people to experience the flow and grace within yoga through energetic and enlivening movement practices.

Specialising in:

  • Somatic Tai Chi
  • SomaChi Yoga
  • Vinyasa Yoga