Our Team

Our Yoga Teachers

Em Maidment


Em is a devoted student of yoga and dedicated teacher. Emma’s classes are energetic and dynamic whilst being grounded in mindful movement.

Annemaree Rowley


Annemaree has practiced various forms of classical yoga for over 35 years. Educated in the highly esteemed Sivananda Schools in Europe and India in the early 1980’s.

Camilla Allen


Camilla is passionate about yoga and its inherent benefits of increased strength, flexibility and balance – both on and off the yoga mat.

Josh Blau


Josh loves being upside down. You will often see him in a headstand or a handstand. He’s always looking to see what he can learn and discover through yoga.

Emily Thomas


Emily’s classes always cater for multiple levels of ability, are full of personality, warmth, energising music and experienced adjustments. You can expect joyfulness, play, seamless transitions between poses and feeling nurtured as an individual.

Nicky Davidson


Nicky’s in-depth and broad experience allows her to offer yoga to participants of all ages and at varied levels of movement.

Phoebe Cole


Phoebe’s classes balance out the nervous system and help students tune in to the beauty of breath to be truly present.

Sara Zavik


Sara fuses Eastern practice with Western knowledge to creatively and intelligently combine dynamic and static movements. A typical class with Sara focuses on breath and movement to develop a higher sense of proprioception.

Erin Docherty


Erin teaches Yoga and Meditation, facilitates workshops and retreats around Australia. She comes with an array of knowledge and experience in the energetic system, including the Chakras, after years studying with the Aura-Soma® Academy

Yahna Fookes


Expect a liquid and sequential class that helps to access a deeper somatic understanding of subtle body and how these connections can resinate off the mat.

Phoebe Waters


Phoebe works full time as a Vinyasa Flow teacher whilst also studying Musculoskeletal Therapy at Endeavour College.

Kelvin Wong


Kelvin continue to inspire those around him with his infectious personality, warmth and humour. Expect a fun, strong practice with intuitive hands on adjustments.

Erin Jolley


Erin’s classes are challenging, yet therapeutic and can suit all levels of students.
Erin is also a qualified Nutritionist and is currently in her fourth and final year of studying to become a Naturopath.

Seren Ozdemir


Seren is devoted to guiding a breath-centred, alignment-based and thoughtfully-sequenced Yoga class believing that a tranquil mind body soul sets foundations for universal energy to flow.

Julia Jones


Teaching Contemporary Classical Hatha Yoga, Julia is guided by her students’ requirements, aiming to create an experience that is nurturing, challenging and uplifting.

Marcia Jacobs


Expect to experience clarity and creative sequences, and to feel invigorated, lighter, and happier with more knowledge of yoga and self. See you on the mat

Our Practitioners

Louise Bloom

General Wellness Manager (B.S.W B.App Sc.)

Lou is an experienced Counsellor with a Bachelor Degree in Nutrition. She has extensive experience working across a range of holistic therapies and practices.

Ewen Cameron


Ewen is an accredited masseur with over 20 years’ experience in remedial, sports and relaxation massage.

Jackie Bowker

Functional Nutritional Therapist (NTP, BSc(BioMed), Certified Gluten Practitioner)

Jackie addresses the root cause of your dysfunction and heals the body through nutrition, without the need for (expensive) synthetic drugs or surgery. Her philosophy is simple: that the symptoms you’re experiencing like digestive issues, weight gain, infertility, adult acne, anxiety etc, result from weaknesses in the body’s physiological foundations.

Inez de Vega

Meditation Teacher

Inez is a meditation instructor, an award-winning artist, and the founder of A Happy Heart, a business that runs healing workshops in meditation, creativity and self-compassion.

Nadima Peake

Holistic Reflexologist

Through activating pressure points in the feet, Nadima treats blockages, hormonal imbalances and general inflammation.

Niveen Rajabdeen

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and Yoga teacher

Niveen offers Ayurvedic wellness plans as well as traditional body treatments. In addition to classic yoga and meditation classes she also teaches sequencing aligned with Ayurvedic principles to address specific health concerns.

Elise Carr

Naturopathy, Pilates & Massage

Through Naturopathy, Massage and Pilates, Elise has been helping clients build strength and flexibility, reduce stress, and improve overall wellbeing for over 15 years.